Dirty Sexy Money


Dirty Sexy Money

Season 1 (2007)

All ten episodes from the first season of the US drama series. Peter Krause stars as Nick George, a pragmatic young lawyer who is forced to take over his late father's job representing a wealthy New York family, the Darlings. Nick uses his new position to delve into the Darling family's deepest secrets as he attempts to uncover the truth surrounding his father's mysterious death. Episodes comprise: 'Pilot', 'The Lions', 'The Italian Banker', 'The Chiavennasca', 'The Bridge', 'The Game', 'The Wedding', 'The Country House', 'The Watch' and 'The Nutcracker'.

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Dirty Sexy Money: Season 1
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Dirty Sexy Money: Season 1
Dirty Sexy Money

Season 2 (2009)

All 13 episodes from the second season of the US drama series starring Peter Krause, Donald Sutherland and Lucy Liu, which follows the mixed fortunes of the Darlings, New York's richest family. Episodes are: 'The Birthday Present', 'The Family Lawyer', 'The Star Witness', 'The Silence', 'The Verdict', 'The Injured Party', 'The Summer House', 'The Plan', 'The Organ Donor', 'The Facts', 'The Convertible', 'The Unexpected Arrival' and 'The Bad Guy'.