Find Any Film's commitment to embrace diversity and support equality is reflected in our online presence. We regard the equal and easy access to our website's information as a main responsibility towards all of our online visitors and users. We are therefore complying with the specific guidelines set by the World Wide Web Consortium in order to ensure that the millions of the visually impaired in some way people of the UK, as well as their families' needs and abilities are recognised and respected.
In order to ensure your equal and self-sufficient access to Find Any Film's website we have considered a variety of practical issues that can be of great importance for all our visitors, including those with special needs.
Some of the issues that we have considered when designing and building the website are:
  • A user-friendly design
  • Easy, convenient and consistent navigation supported by a helpful and fast to use sitemap.
  • Access keys, which make our website fully accessible without the use of the Mouse.
  • Good contrast of colour to ensure that you overcome visual problems.
  • Changing text size - by offering different viewing options we have adjusted our website to your personal needs and requirements.`
Your equal accessibility to our website and every website is supported by the Disability Discrimination Act (1995). Taking a step further we commit to taking into consideration your valuable feedback and making the best out of it. You are therefore very welcome to contact us.