12 Reasons to Scream (Box Set)

  |  Buy to Own: 25/10/2004
  |  1086 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Box set of 12 violent horror films. 'Popcorn' (1991) sees a deranged serial killer, who makes masks from the skin of his victims, crash an all-night horror film marathon at a cinema after a film student discovers an old recording of a vicious murder. In Abel Ferrara's 'Driller Killer' (1979), struggling New York artist Reno (Ferrara) is very much down on his luck. His desperate attempts to complete a painting for sale are frustrated by the punk band next door rehearsing 24 hours a day and the activities of his girlfriend and her lesbian lover. Unable to face up to the situation, Reno goes on a murderous rampage, dispatching his victims with an electric drill. 'Cutting Moments' (1997) is an anthology collection of five horror shorts. 'The Amityville Curse' (1989) sees five people dared to spend the night in the cursed, abandoned house fall victim to a host of demons and spirits. In 'Servants of Twilight' (1991), based on the book by Dean R. Koontz, private detective Charlie Harrison (Bruce Greenwood) is hired to protect a young boy with a strange secret from a fanatical religious group. 'Soulkeeper' (2001) sees the unsettled souls of the afterlife rise up when two small time thieves steal an ancient relic, and unknowingly unleash an evil demon that preys upon lost souls. In 'Demon House' (1996), a group of teenage friends are out for laughs on Halloween night, but after a shooting incident, in which one of them is wounded and a cop is killed, they take refuge in the foreboding Hull House, rumoured to be the site of a case of demonic possession years before. When the teenagers meet the mysterious Angela and begin to turn against each other, it isn't long before they realise that the rumours are true. In 'Witchboard 3: The Possession' (1995), an old man's ouija board spells success for Brian Fields (David Nerman), an out of work commodity broker. But when the old man dies, Fields' fortunes take a turn for the worse. Returning to the ouija board for help, he unwittingly opens a portal to a parallel universe, reigned over by the evil demon Kral. In 'Mind Snatchers' (1972), Christopher Walken stars as a soldier experimented on by a sinister army doctor, who fits him with implants designed to make him more compliant. 'Drive In' (2000) follows a man who lives across the road from a drive-in movie theatre that only shows violent horror films. Driven insane, he escapes to go on a kill-crazy rampage. In 'Headhunter' (1990) Miami cop Pete Giullani (Wayne Crawford) discovers that his wife is having a lesbian affair and so starts an affair with his female partner. But when an African voodoo demon arrives in town and starts decapitating people and reanimating their bodies, Pete discovers that his estranged wife is one of the victims. Also includeed is 'The Sleepwalker Project'.