12:08 East Of Bucharest

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  |  86 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Witty satirical comedy examining people's recollections of the Romanian revolution of 1989. 12:08pm on the 22 December 1989 was the exact time of Ceausescu's fall from power in Romania. Sixteen years on, a provincial TV talk show decides to commemorate the event by asking local heroes to reminisce about their own contributions to the revolution. But securing suitable guests proves an unexpected challenge and the producer is left with two less than ideal participants - a drink-addled history teacher, Manescu (Ion Sapdaru), and Piscoci (Mircea Andreescu), a retired and lonely sometime-Santa Claus grateful for the company. In the farcical show that follows, the men's fanciful boasts of rebellious glory are disputed by phone-ins from viewers who recall an altogether different version of events.

Contains strong language
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