25 Watts

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  |  94 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Montevideo, Saturday, 7 in the morning. El Leche (Daniel Hendler), Javi (Jorge Temponi), and Seba (Alfonso Tort), have not gone to sleep yet. Tired and bored, they sit in the usual wall fence to have a beer. El Leche has just stepped on dog excrement and is convinced that, consequently, bad luck will follow him everywhere. On Tuesday he has to take the Italian language exam, the last one to finish high school. He has been preparing the exam with Beatriz (Carolina Presno), a young private teacher, but he fell in love with her and that is his only concern now. Javi has already finished high school, but he never got into any university. In a few hours he has to go to work. He drives a loudspeaker car and he hates it. His boss (Walter Reyno) is continuously preaching him about responsibility. However, Javi seems to be only interested in his girlfriend María (Valeria Mendieta), who wants to finish the relationship. Seba is a quiet guy, the youngest of the three. Despite his passivity, the strangest characters and situations seem to chase him. A summer Saturday. A bunch of boys who do nothing. A bunch of boys who do not have anything to do but let themselves be beaten by Sunday. —Control Z Films