3 Classic Westerns Of The Silver Screen: Volume 7

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In 'Apache Rifles' (1964), army commander Captain Jeff Stanton (Audie Murphy) is sent to an Arizona army outpost to capture a band of Apache renegades who have been slaughtering local settlers. Stanton has always depised Native Americans, but is forced to radically change his feelings when he falls in love with a beautiful missionary girl (Linda Lawson) and finds out that one of her parents is an Apache. He then has to prevent greedy gold-seekers trying to start a war with the local Apaches. Roy Rogers stars in 'Days of Jesse James' (1939) as a bounty hunter hired to track down the famous outlaw (played by Donald Barry) after a bank robbery. After infiltrating Jesse's gang, Roy learns that James might well be innocent of the charge - and decides to set a trap for the real robbers. In 'Riders of the Whistling Pines' (1949), trees are being destroyed by a devastating parasite and the lumber company stands to lose millions. When a Forest Ranger is shot, Gene Autry and his former army buddies who are also foresters are called in to help save the forest. However, the evil loggers frame Autry for the crime and their devious plan continues when they spray the forest to kill the insects, yet wind up killing much of the wildlife, too. Autry must prove his innocence and bring the guilty men to justice.