3 Ninjas: High Noon At Mega Mountain Kick Back Knuckle Up

  |  Buy to Own: 06/09/2004
  |  261 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Triple bill of children's martial arts adventures for the three high-kicking ninja brothers, Ricky, Colt and Tum Tum. In 'High Noon at Mega Mountain' (1998), the trio have come to the Mega Mountain amusement park to see their TV hero Dave Dragon (Hulk Hogan). The brothers are suddenly pressed into action when bandit queen Medusa (Loni Anderson) and her henchman Lothar (Jim Varney) lay siege to the park and demand a $10 million ransom. Things seem hopeless when even Dave Dragon falls foul of the evil Medusa - but with the boys' combined karate power, there's hope for the hostages yet. In 'Kick Back' (1994), the three pint-sized ninjas follow their grandfather to Japan and get into a whole heap of trouble fighting the evil Koga for a precious ceremonial knife. There's also the small matter of a set of keys that allow the holder to enter into a secret cave of gold to contend with. 'Knuckle Up' (1995) finds the boys on a holiday visit to their grandfather. Before long, the mini heroes find themselves defending the honour of a young Native American girl against a trio of villains, whose boss turns out to be dumping toxic waste on the nearby Indian reservation. Cue kiddie kung-fu action as the youngsters strive to put a stop to the ruthless industrialist's plans.