5 Broken Cameras

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Rated 15 by the BBFC


Academy Award-nominated documentary chronicling one Palestinian farmer's non-violent resistance to the incursions of the Israeli army. In 2005, when his son Gibreel is born, Emad Burnat, a Palestinian man living in the small farming village of Bil'in, buys his first video camera in order to keep a record of his son's childhood. However, on the day of Gibreel's birth, the Israeli army erects a fence along the Israeli-Palestinian border, cutting right through Bil'in. Over the next five years Burnat risks life and limb to capture the resulting land dispute between the villagers (led by two of his closest friends) and the Israeli armed forces, as well as documenting his Gibreel's childhood, which is inescapably affected by the conflict and violence that has surrounded him from birth.

Contains documentary footage of a fatal shooting
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