5 Fun Family Movies - Air Buddies

  |  Buy to Own: 15/11/2010
  |  429 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
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Five Disney canine comedies. In 'Air Buddies' (2006), young pups B-Dawg (voice of Skyler Gisondo), Bud-Dha (Dominic Scott Kay), RoseBud (Abigail Breslin), MudBud (Spencer Fox), and Budderball (Josh Flitter) learn that their parents are in danger, and leap into action with tails wagging to rescue mum and dad and reunite the family. In 'Snow Buddies' (2008), the Buddies - Budderball (Flitter), B-Dawg (Gisondo), RoseBud (Liliana Mumy), Bud-Dha (Jimmy Bennett) and MudBud (Henry Hodges) - find themselves lost in Alaska, and must team up with some new friends to try and find their way back home. In 'Space Buddies' (2009), the talking puppies go where no Buddy has gone before: the moon. Can the Buddies and their two new friends Spudnick (voice of Jason Earles) and Gravity (Amy Sedaris) summon up enough courage to successfully travel to the moon and return home safely? In 'Santa Buddies' (2009), the puppies take a trip to the North Pole where they visit Santa's workshop. When they get there they discover that Christmas is losing its spirit but, with the help of Santa Paw's son, the puppies work together to save the day. In 'Santa Paws' (2010), the prequel to 'Santa Buddies', Santa (Richard Riehle) and his new friend Paws (voiced by Zachary Gordon) discover that children across the world have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas, and set off to New York City in an attempt to revive the spirit of the season. But when Santa loses his memory, Paws joins forces with orphan Quinn (Kaitlyn Maher), her friend Will (Madison Pettis) and a group of magical talking dogs to remind Santa round and the world what Christmas is really all about.