50 Kisses

  |  Book Tickets: 13/02/2014
  |  89 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Romantic feature comprised of 50 shorts all set on Valentine's Day. The film was a crowd created project which was the result of a competition run by the London Screenwriters Festival. The shorts are: 'The Price of Romance', 'A Ghetto Punk', 'Priceless', 'Romantic Hideaway', 'Colton's Big Night Out', 'The Great Kiss Heist', 'The Moment', 'Practice Makes Perfect', 'The Cyclist', 'First/Last', 'Jealous Making', 'Love', 'Lunchtime', 'Smasheroo', 'Tied Up', 'Poster Boy', 'SWALK', 'Don't', 'Red Light', 'Close Encounters', 'Other People's Kisses', 'Neil', 'Advice', 'Nothing Ventured', 'Her and Him', 'On Thy Cheeks a Fading Rose', 'Boxes', 'The Last Supper', 'Beryl', 'Countdown', 'A Glasgow Kiss', 'Proof of Love', 'That Good Night', 'Last Chance', 'Dream Date', 'Enough', 'One (Distinctly Average) Date Later...', 'A Kiss Goodbye', 'Sloppy Snogs', 'Cloudy Days', 'The Nearness of You', 'Never Forget', 'Kisses from Jessica', '60 Year Valentine', 'I'll Stand By You', 'Love Letters', 'You Never Bring Me Flowers', 'Lonely Heart', 'Unbearable' and 'First, Last, Best'.

Contains strong language, sex references, violence and bloody images
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