7 Days in Havana

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  |  129 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


This portrait of contemporary Havana comprises a collection of short films set in the city. Set over the course of one week in the Cuban capital, the film features a segment for each of the seven days, each directed by a different film maker. The segments are: 'El Yuma: Monday', directed by Benicio Del Toro; 'Jam Session: Tuesday', directed by Pablo Trapero; 'La Tentadión de Cecilia: Wednesday', directed by Julio Médem; 'Diary of a Beginner: Thursday', directed by Elia Suleiman; 'Ritual: Friday', directed by Gaspar Noé; 'Dulce Amargo: Saturday', directed by Juan Carlos Tabío; and 'La Fuente: Sunday', directed by Laurent Cantet.

Contains strong language and sex
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