A Better Life

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  |  93 min
Rated 12 by the BBFC


Chris Weitz directs this drama set in East Los Angeles following an illegal immigrant who wants to provide a better life for his son. Gardener Carlos Galindo (Demián Bichir) is determined that his son, Luis (José Julián), will have the good education and opportunities for advancement in life that were denied to him as a youngster. To this end, he borrows money from his sister, Anna (Dolores Heredia), to purchase a gardening business of his own and determines to make a success of the enterprise. However, when his first employee, Santiago (Carlos Linares), steals the truck, Carlos finds himself facing instant ruination. He and Luis set out to retrieve the stolen vehicle, but face a number of hazards in doing so. Not only does the search aggravate the differences between Carlos and his son, who is immersed in American culture, but the ever-present threat of immigration officers looms large as they traverse the seedy streets of L.A. looking for the thief, Santiago.

Contains one use of strong language, moderate violence and brief drug use
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