A Cinderella Story

  |  Book Tickets: 06/12/2013
  |  Buy to Own: 25/12/2011
  |  Watch Now: 04/01/2008
  |  91 min
Rated PG by the BBFC


This teen romantic comedy is a modern-day re-telling of the classic fairy tale. Hilary Duff stars as Sam Martin, a sweet but awkward high-school girl who has been suffering since the death of her father: the diner he owned now belongs to his thoroughly wicked widow, Fiona (Jennifer Coolidge), a former waitress who now makes Sam do all the hard work, mopping floors and washing dishes. School is no picnic for Sam, either: the most popular girl, the rich, pretty and bitchy Shelby (Julie Gonzalo) makes her life a misery. Things take a turn for the better when Sam loses her mobile phone and it is found by a mystery guy. The pair embark on a romance conducted entirely by text message and email. But who is the guy - and what will happen when Sam finally gets to meet him in person at the Hallowe'en school dance?

Contains mild language, sex references and comic violence
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