A Dangerous Woman

  |  97 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


Locked in a detached world, Debra Winger plays the disfunctional Martha, living with her young Aunt Frances, played by Hershey and working in the local dry cleaners. Hershey is engaged in a passionate love affair with a local married politician. When his enraged wife wrecks her front porch, she goes in search of a handyman. Byrne plays the alcoholic drifter who fixes the damage and in the course of his stay seduces Martha. Proving the turning point in finding her own identity, Martha finds a new voice but in at last defending herself against a local bully she catapults events towards a murderous end. Recently nominated for an Oscar in 'Shadowlands', Winger is directed here by Gyllengaal, who also directed 'Paris Trout' and the screen adaptation of Swift's 'Waterland'.