A Dark Summer

  |  Book Tickets: 20/03/2015
  |  Buy to Own: 20/03/2015
  |  78 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Keir Gilchrist stars as a teenager haunted under house arrest in this chilling thriller. After cyberstalking lonely classmate Mona (Grace Phipps), 17-year-old high school student Daniel (Gilchrist) is placed under house arrest for the summer with a tag placed on his ankle by officer Stokes (Peter Stormare) to ensure he doesn't leave. After Mona sends him a video of her suicide, Daniel finds himself being terrorised by a malicious spirit he believes to be his former crush. With the help of unconvinced friends Abby (Stella Maeve) and Kevin (Maestro Harrell), Daniel sets out to end his supernatural torment as the number of horrifying incidents increase.

strong language, supernatural threat, gore
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