A Doll's House

  |  Book Tickets: 11/06/1973
  |  Buy to Own: 11/02/2008
  |  102 min
Rated PG by the BBFC
A Doll's House Film Poster


Drama based on Henrik Ibsen's 1879 play. Nora Helmar (Jane Fonda) has all she wants - or so she thinks. Everything in her bourgeois home - the furniture, the clothing, the trimmings - looks perfect. But slowly she realises that her pampered life is spiritually empty. Her marriage to a bank manager, Torvald (David Warner), is the very model of wedded order, but contains no affection. When Torvald becomes ill, Nora secures a bank loan from Krogstad (Edward Fox), a dubious moneylender and an ex-lawyer at Torvald's bank, to pay her husband's medical bills. However, when Torvald recovers, he discovers that not only did his wife take out the loan, but that she even forged her father's signature to do so. Torvald fires Krogstad and unwittingly sets in motion a blackmail scheme that could compromise his marriage.

Contains mild sex references
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