A Fairytale Christmas A Very Fairy Christmas

  |  95 min
Rated U by the BBFC


Double bill of seasonal animated features for children. In 'A Fairytale Christmas' (2005), a young princess is kidnapped from the king's palace and brainwashed so that she forgets her true identity. As the years pass, however, she dreams the dream of many young girls - that she's been swapped at birth and is actually a princess... In 'A Very Fairy Christmas' (2006), Santa's newest recruit, a little fairy called Shaily befriends a young girl, Leah, who moves to a new city with her parents in the days leading up to Christmas. Although she knows it is against the rules, Shaily takes Leah into the fairy world where their new friendship is tested and their true adventure begins.

Contains no material likely to offend or harm
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