A Family At War: Complete Series 1-3

  |  Buy to Own: 07/08/2006
  |  2563 min
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A Family At War: Complete Series 1-3 Film Poster


The entire series of 'A Family At War', a powerful wartime story of the Ashton family. Living in Liverpool during the Second World War they struggle to deal with the harsh realities of life. Their sons are sent abroad to fight, children are evacuated and those who remain at home are in constant fear. Series one episodes comprise: 'The Facts of Life', 'To Die for Spain', 'Lines of Battle', 'The Summer Before the War', 'The Gate of the Year', 'The Breach in the Dyke', 'The War Office Regrets', 'For Strategic Reasons', 'The Night They Hit No. 8', 'One of Ours', 'Brothers in War', 'If It's Got Your Number on It' and 'The End of the Beginning'. Series two episides comprise: 'The Other Side of the Hill', 'I Can Be Happy, Can't I?', 'A Lesson in War', 'Is Your Journey Really Necessary?', 'The Forty-Eight Hour Pass', 'Hope Against Hope', 'A Time to Be Born', 'A Hero's Welcome', 'We Could Be a Lot Worse Off', 'Lend Your Loving Arms', 'Hazard', 'Giving and Taking', 'Believed Killed', 'Into the Dark', 'The Straight and Narrow', 'Clash by Night', 'Salute the Happy Morn', 'I Wanted to Be with You' and 'A Separate Peace'. Series three episodes comprise: 'The Lucky Ones', 'For the Duration', 'Happy Returns', 'The Things You Never Told Me', 'You Can Choose Your Friends', 'Flesh and Blood', 'Spread a Little Happiness', 'Take It On Trust', 'This Year, Next Year', 'The Fundamental Things Apply', 'Thicker Than Water', 'Breaking Point', 'The Lost Ones', 'The Sensible Thing', 'Under New Management', 'Coming Home', 'A Faint Refrain', 'Two Fathers', 'The Old Order Changeth' and 'Yielding Place to New'.