A Hole in the Head

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  |  120 min
Rated U by the BBFC


Feel-good slice of 50s entertainment directed by Frank Capra. Widower Tony Manetta (Frank Sinatra) leads a glamorous lifestyle that he can't afford. His love of women and the high life is tempered by only one thing: his 12-year-old son Ally (Eddie Hodges). When he approaches his wealthy, respectable brother Mario (Edward G Robinson) to bail him out financially yet again, his brother agrees on one condition: that he agree either to hand Ally over to his custody, or get his act together and settle down and marry a nice sensible woman. Tony and Ally reluctantly agree to Mario's request, but when he meets the woman Mario has in mind (played by Eleanor Parker), Tony realises he's definitely made the right decision. Sinatra's song for the film, 'High Hopes' won an Oscar for Best Song in 1959.

Contains some very mild bad language
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