A Mindful Choice

  |  Book Tickets: 19/08/2017
Rated TBC by the BBFC
A Mindful Choice Film Poster


Prisoners in Mexico; artists in Cuba; foster children; and cancer patients to name but a few, are finding a way to experience inner serenity and peace from their past. ‘A Mindful Choice’ plants the seed of possibility that humanity could live in peace. A shift in consciousness is required; a shift that starts with each of us choosing for our own inner peace and happiness. This documentary, beautifully shot in various countries, shows a diverse range of people making the choice for a better life through meditation. They range from ballet dancers and writers to stressed business people, cancer patients, foster children, and maximum security prisoners. Their stories show that peace is possible for individuals and communities – and suggests it may be possible for everyone. (Some Subtitles) UK 2016 Tony Simpson 73m We welcome members of the film team for a Q&A after the screening.