A One and a Two

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  |  173 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
A One and a Two Film Poster


Edward Yang's award-winning film about events in the life of a middle-class Taipei family. On the day of his brother-in-law's wedding, software executive NJ Jian has a chance meeting with a former sweetheart and begins to wonder what might have been. Meanwhile, his daughter Ting-Ting makes friends with the girl who has moved in next door and begins to form a crush on a boy at school; his son Yang-Yang gets into trouble and starts asking difficult questions; his wife Min-Min goes to stay in a mountain retreat with a religious guru; and his mother-in-law collapses into a coma. Over the next few weeks, the various members of the Jian family all move to new levels of understanding about the world and their place in it.