A Series Of Unfortunate Events

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  |  103 min
Rated PG by the BBFC


Visually inventive and stylised adaptation of the dark and sinister children's books, starring Jim Carrey. After their parents are killed in a fire, the Baudelaire siblings, Violet (Emily Browning), Klaus (Liam Aiken) and the infant Sunny, are taken in by a succession of relatives and guardians, including kindly snake expert Uncle Monty (Billy Connolly) and their nervous Aunt Josephine (Meryl Streep). Worst of the lot though is the evil Count Olaf (Jim Carrey), obsessed with getting his hands on the Baudelaire children's inheritance. Imagining himself a master of disguise, Count Olaf undertakes a series of dastardly crimes to separate the Baudelaire children from their kindly guardians, and hopefully from their lives.

Contains mild threat and scary scenes
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