A Tale Of Two Cities

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Out of at least seven film versions of Dickens' classic novel, this 1935 MGM production, directed by Jack Conway and starring Ronald Colman, is revered by most critics as being the best. Colman plays Sydney Carton, the cynical London barrister in love with Lucie Manette in 18th Century Paris at the time of the French Revolution. She thinks of him only as a friend however, and marries Charles Darnay, a descendant of a noble Frenchman who is also Carton's lookalike. Darnay's uncle, a hated Marquis, is killed at the Revolution's onset. As his nephew, Darnay is arrested in Paris and sentenced to death. Lucie is frantic with worry over her husband, and Carton devoted to Lucie but seeing no hope of happiness, goes to Paris and takes Darnay's place in prison and then on the scaffold.