A Touch Of Frost: Series 11 And 12

  |  Buy to Own: 21/11/2005
  |  238 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
A Touch Of Frost: Series 11 And 12 Film Poster


Series 11 and 12 of the award-winning drama series starring David Jason as Detective Inspector Jack Frost - an unconventional policeman with sympathy for the underdog and an instinct for moral justice. Sloppy, disorganised and disrespectful he attracts trouble like a magnet. This box set contains three episodes: 'Another Life' - after a seven-month long suspension, Frost is back on the job. His first case is a floater in Denton River, with £6000 in his pockets. The man also carries with him a list with four sets of mysterious numbers, and the keys to two different cars. The local dance competion is the venue for another drama: a missing con man who recently switched dance partner, and a woman with a Hollywood name and a terrible temper - who keeps on ordering new fridges for her dance partners - but Frost is more interested in getting his teeth back in order after a particularly vicious lollipop. In 'Dancing in the Dark', pole dancers, false passports and murder - a lethal combination of events - draws Inspector Jack Frost and his new assistant into a tragic case of lust, greed and death. Finally, in 'A Near Death Experience', the murder of a widow gives Frost a chance to prove his worth again, but the investigation only reveals an intriguing web of deceit, and it isn't until a forensic psychologist joins the team that they realise a serial killer is at work.