|  Buy to Own: 28/10/2013
  |  120 min
Rated PG by the BBFC


1970s Bollywood drama about a young woman who makes sacrifices to give her family a better life. When priest Ram Shastri (A.K. Hangal) loses his job, his wife Savitri (Nirupa Roy) considers poisoning her own children to save them from a life of poverty. Her daughter Shalini (Mumtaz) stops her in time, however, and manages to find work to ensure a better future for her younger siblings. To pay for her brother's tuition fees Shalini asks for a raise from her boss but in doing so has to put up with his sleazy behaviour. With her family continually asking for more funds she eventually turns to prostitution, but her situation only gets worse when they discover the truth about her new life.