Ab-normal Beauty

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  |  98 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC
Ab-normal Beauty Film Poster


Disturbing psychological drama from Hong Kong writer-director Oxide Pang and his brother, producer Danny Pang. Jin (Race Wong) is a talented art student who frequently wins prizes for her photography. Witnessing a car accident one day, Jin impulsively takes pictures of the victims and finds herself becoming increasingly obsessed with photographing images of death. At the same time, Jin is being pursued by fellow student Anson (Anson Leung), who persists in filming her with a camcorder. As Jin begins to confront the nature of her obsessions, she begins to experience flashbacks to a childhood of sexual abuse, and when she receives an anonymous tape in the post that apparently shows a young woman being tortured to death, her obsessions are in danger of leading her down even darker paths.

Contains strong bloody violence
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