Abbott And Costello: Keep 'Em Flying Ride 'Em Cowboy

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Abbott And Costello: Keep 'Em Flying Ride 'Em Cowboy Film Poster


Double bill of classic comedy featuring Lou Abbott and Bud Costello. 'Keep 'Em Flying' (1941) sees the pair as Blackie and Heathcliff, assistants to Jinx Roberts, (Dick Foran) a stunt flier in an air circus. In keeping with the theme of the time, Jinx decides its time he joined the air corps and served his country, followed closely by his trusty assistants. Jinx has fallen in love with the waitress at a club on his last night out and she ends up serving at the USO at the base Jinx is assigned. Heathcliff and Lou, meantime, have fallen for a pair of twin hostesses played by Martha Raye. In 'Ride 'Em Cowboy' (1942), Willoughby (Lou Costello) and Duke (Bud Abbott)