Action Collection

  |  276 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Action thriller triple. Dolph Lundgren stars in 'Men of War' (1994) as tough mercenary Nick Riley, who is persuaded to fight off the inhabitants of a beautiful tropical island so that a couple of businessman can exploit its mineral deposits. Riley handpicks a small group of trained killers to conquer the island, but when they arrive the islanders charm the mercenaries into switching sides. When the real bad guys arrive, led by vicious cockney Keefer (Trevor Goddard), the carnage begins. In 'Ticker' (2001) San Francisco cops Ray Nettles (Tom Sizemore) and Fuzzy Rice (Nas) find themselves pushed to the limit when a ruthless terrorist named Swan (Dennis Hopper) starts detonating devices around the city. Their luck seems to turn when they arrest one of Swan's associates, Claire Manning (Jaime Pressly), but the bomber only threatens to set off more explosions unless she is released. With the future of San Franciso hanging in the balance, Nettles and Fuzzy must now team up with cooler-than-cool explosives expert Glass (Steven Seagal) and race to find the terrorists before the zero hour arrives. Professional wrestler Steve 'Stone Cold' Austin stars in 'The Stranger' (2010). Awaking in Mexico with no memory of his past or identity, 'the stranger' (Austin) soon realises that he is being hunted down not only by the FBI but also by the Russian mob. As flashbacks about a top-secret investigation and the cold-blooded murder of his wife and daughter start to surface in his memory, the stranger must try to piece his past together in time to revenge himself on those who have wronged him.