Action Six-pack

Rated TBC by the BBFC


Collection of six fast-paced action films. 'The Stranger' (2010) stars former WWE wrestler Steve 'Stone Cold' Austin as a man who awakes in Mexico with no memory of his past or identity. When he realises that he is being hunted by both the FBI and the Russian mob, the man faces a race against time to uncover the story of his past and a way to safety. In 'Hunt to Kill' (2010) Jim Rhodes (Austin), a border patrol agent, and his 17-year-old daughter, Kim (Marie Avgeropoulos), are kidnapped by a gang of ruthless criminals hellbent on retrieving their share of a recent heist from a rival gang. Jim will have to employ every trick in the survival skills book if he is to outsmart the kidnappers and save his daughter. 'The Killing Machine' (2010), directed by and starring Dolph Lundgren, follows an ex-KGB assassin as he tries to start a new life in America. However, when Edward Genn (Lundgren)'s cover is blown he finds himself locked in a battle for his life. 'Men of War' (1994) follows tough mercenary Nick Riley (Lundgren), who is persuaded to quell a revolt on a beautiful tropical island so that a couple of businessman can exploit its mineral deposits. However, Riley finds the situation on the island to be more complicated than he had expected and when some really bad guys, led by vicious cockney Keefer (Trevor Goddard), arrive, the mercenary finds his loyalties tested. 'Pentathlon' (1994) tells the story of a muscular East German athlete who defects during the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Gold medal winner Eric Brogar (Lundgren) goes from hero to villain when he relocates to the US. His coach, Heinrich Mueller (David Soul), follows him to America and determines to exact his revenge. Will the pupil be able to outwit the master? Finally, 'Ticker' (2001) follows a pair of San Francisco cops, Ray Nettles (Tom Sizemore) and Fuzzy Rice (Nas), who find themselves pushed to the limit when a ruthless terrorist named Swan (Dennis Hopper) starts detonating devices around the city. With the future of San Franciso hanging in the balance, the pair team up with cooler-than-cool explosives expert Glass (Steven Seagal) and attempt to track down Swan before it's too late.