Action Triple

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  |  337 min
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Triple bill of action films. In 'Vertical Limit' (2000) Annie Garrett (Robin Tunney) is part of an expedition aiming for the summit of K2, the second highest peak in the world. The ascent seems to be going fine, but the team is failing to receive storm warnings and is thus ignorant of the danger awaiting it. Eventually an avalanche strikes, and Annie is left stranded, trapped in a crevasse with millionaire expedition leader Elliot Vaughn (Bill Paxton). Annie's brother Peter (Chris O'Donnell) then launches a rescue mission, gathering together a team of dedicated mountaineers - including Montgomery Wick (Scott Glenn), a climber whose wife was lost in Wick's previous expedition - as he races to save his sister from certain death.. In 'Twister' (1996), Jo Harding (Helen Hunt) leads a team of scientists who are set to launch a contraption that can retrieve information from the eye of tornadoes. Bill (Bill Paxton), the inventor of the machine and Jo's ex-husband, arrives with his new fiancée Melissa just as a major storm is about to hit the area. Unable to resist the call of the wind, Bill rejoins his team in a dangerous chase after the mother of all tornadoes: the F5. In 'Daylight' (1996), it's rush hour in Manhattan and commuters are making slow progress through the Hudson tunnel. When a gang of crooks crash their car into a lorry carrying toxic waste, the resulting explosion seals off both ends of the tunnel, and a motley group of passengers find themselves stranded. Threatened by toxic fumes, fire and the imminent collapse of the tunnel, their only hope is former Emergency Medical Services Chief Kit Latura (Sylvester Stallone), who risks his life to get the disparate, squabbling group to safety.