Adrenaline Charged

  |  Buy to Own: 18/10/2004
  |  280 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Triple-bill of Hong Kong martial arts action. 'Butterfly and Sword' (1993) is set in feudal China, and follows the attempts by the loyalist Sister Ko (Michelle Yeoh) to protect the Happy Forest Clan from the evil Elite Villa Clan, a task complicated by the twisting emotional relationships between the supposed enemies. In 'The Blade' (1995), a young swordmaster, taken on as an apprentice after his father's murder, learns the identity of the assassin and sets off to challenge him. Defeated in his first encounter, the boy's arm is cut off and he is left for dead. But when a kindly priestess nurses him back to health, she helps him reforge his father's broken blade and learn the art of one-armed sword fighting. 'What Price Survival' (1994) sees a young boy being kidnapped from his family and raised as an assassin by an unscrupulous organisation. Trained in the arts of death, when the boy grows up he is sent to kill his first target, little realising that the man he has been sent to murder is in fact his father.