Adrenaline Rush

  |  Buy to Own: 06/08/2012
  |  80 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


High-octane Korean action, as a motorcycle courier is forced to deliver bombs to a strict deadline, or risk the death of his pillion-riding passenger. After offering a ride to his old flame Ah-rom (Ye-won Kang), motorbike courier Han Gi-soo (Min-ki Lee) is contacted via his radio by a mysterious stranger and ordered to deliver bombs to various addresses. If he refuses, is late, or is stopped by the authorities, the bomb in his helmet, which Ah-rom is now wearing, will explode. With the clock ticking, and Ah-rom's life hanging by a thread, Gi-soo must use every trick in the book as he sets off with his cargo of deadly packages on a break-neck race through the city's congested streets.

Contains strong language and brief strong violence
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