|  Buy to Own: 29/12/2008
  |  120 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


ITV drama starring Zoe Tapper, Anna Madeley and Amanda Plummer. After the death of her father, Margaret Prior (Madeley) makes the decision to visit the inmates of Millbank, one of London's most infamous female prisons. Among Millbank's murderers and thieves, Margaret becomes fascinated by the mysterious spiritualist Selina Dawes (Tapper) who is serving time for assaulting a young girl after apparently being possessed by a malevolent spirit during a seance. Margaret is cynical about Selina's so-called gifts but offers the girl her guidance and friendship during her visits. It's not long before Selina starts to hold sway over Margaret with her insight into her character and predicament, and when impossible things start to happen, Margaret suspects that Selina may be telling the truth about her ability to communicate with and command the dead.