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  |  89 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Agua Film Poster


Thirty-four year old Goyo (Rafael Ferro), a former open water swimming champion, has retreated to a secluded existence in the desert after his dedication to the sport breaks apart his family and a controversial doping accusation ruins his career. Coming back to the city to visit his old pool and his ex-wife, he meets Chino (Nicolás Mateo) and Goyo sees himself in the swimmer—a young man whose obsession with the intensity and discipline of body and spirit for competitive swimming may be letting slip all that he holds dear. The two men—past and future selves—circle around each other as they both participate in the vigorous competitions, which director Verónica Chen films in striking slow motion from unexpected underwater angles. Finally, Goyo makes a decision he hopes will change both men’s lives, find catharsis in their sport, and open themselves up to the outside world.