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An Alex Cox collection ranging from mid 80s to early 90s. 'Sid and Nancy' (1986) follows the turbulent relationship between Sid Vicious (Gary Oldman) and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen (Chloe Webb), following their love affair from their first encounters on the London Punk scene to Spungen's death at her boyfriend's hands in a seedy New York hotel. Cox eschews moral judgement in favour of an attempt to show how their attachment to each other was motivated by universal human needs, fashioning a classic romantic love story out of unpromising material. Courtney Love makes a brief appearance. 'Straight to Hell' (1987) is a strange, over-the-top punk-western. A gang of bank robbers headed by the hit-man Norwood (Sy Richardson) make their way into the desert with a suitcase full of stolen loot. They bury the money and stumble into an old oilfield settlement, the home of the caffeine-addicted McMahon gang. Everybody tries to play it cool, but with all these bizarre characters and the massive amounts of coffee being drunk it won't be long before the tensions become unbearable. 'Highway Patrolman' (1993) is a road movie set in Mexico. Pedro (Roberto Soza) is a patrol cop who, fresh out of police academy, gets assigned to a lonely stretch of road in Northern Mexico. He strives to remain honest and uphold the law, but his wife, his friends and even his superiors give him a hard time until he eventually begins to accept bribes. However, when his friend is killed by drug dealers Pedro decides that enough is enough and sets out to seek his vengeance. And finally in 'Three Businessmen' (1998) when art dealers Bennie (Miguel Sandoval) and Frank (Cox) have no luck trying to get a meal in the abandoned dining room of a Liverpool hotel they set out into the city looking for something to eat. However, for one reason or another, each of the restaurants they visit proves unsatisfactory and before they know it they have travelled halfway around the world, caught up in their trivial prattle, and still without finding any food. This all changes with the dawn, when they meet another hungry businessman and eat breakfast at a stall in the street.