All That Matters Is Past

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Rated 18 by the BBFC
All That Matters Is Past Film Poster


Norwegian drama from writer-director Sara Johnsen. When two childhood friends Janne (Maria Bonnevie) and William (Kristoffer Joner) meet again as adults, they are overcome by feelings of longing for each other, feeling their fates are destined to be intertwined. Unable and unwilling to repress their emotions, the couple leave their attachments behind to live together in a cabin in the woods by a river. Their idyllic lifestyle takes an eerie turn when they discover the body of a baby girl floating down the river and soon realise they are being tormented by William's older brother Ruud (David Dencik). But events turn even more deadly when Janne is discovered injured in the forest, accompanied by the two dead bodies of the 40-year-old brothers...

sexual violence, strong violence, injury detail
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