Alpha and Omega Triple

Rated TBC by the BBFC


Triple bill of animated adventures following a pack of wolves. In 'Alpha and Omega' (2010) Kate (voice of Hayden Panettiere) and Humphrey (Justin Long) are two young wolves from a National Park in Canada who find themselves shipped halfway across the country by the park's rangers. While Humphrey is a streetwise, fun-loving Omega wolf, Kate is a sleek and sophisticated Alpha wolf and considers herself Humphrey's superior. Thrown together in a foreign land, and faced with a journey of over a thousand miles to get back home and restore peace on their warring home turf, the two must overcome their differences and learn to look out for each other. In 'Alpha and Omega 2 - A Howl-iday Adventure' (2013), while Kate, Humphrey and their three young wolf pups Stinky (Kate Higgins), Claudette (Lindsay Torrance) and Runt (Liza West) are getting ready for the approaching winter, Runt mysteriously disappears without a trace. With the snow about to fall the pack must set out on an adventure to find Runt and bring him home before it's too late. In 'Alpha and Omega 4 - The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave' (2014) an Omega wolf cub sneaks off to explore the haunted Saw Tooth Cave. The cub finds a wolf in need who has been driven from their pack and must muster all its courage to lend a paw to his new friend.