Ama San

  |  Book Tickets: 26/06/2016
  |  103 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Ama San Film Poster


Director: Claudia Varejao. Portugal. 2016. 103 min. Plus director Q&A. In the small fishing village of Wagu in Japan, three generations of women prepare for their daily dive in the Pacific Ocean. Taking only the air they can hold in their lungs, they reach the bottom to scavenge abalone. The body is summoned to its limit, yet the Ama-San have been diving like this for over 2000 years. Following the gentle rhythms of their everyday life, Claudia Varejao’s unobtrusive camera witnesses the overlapping worlds that these remarkable women inhabit; from the intimacy of family life to the strange enchantment of the watery depths.