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Revealing one of North America's darkest secrets, the officially sponsored destruction of Native American families.Children were removed from their families and thousands of women sterilized without their consent.First-time film maker Lorna Tucker breaks the silence that still covers this dark chapter, piecing together a tragic story of good intentions gone wrong and misguided attempts to 'improve' Native Americans. Along the way she finds a growing number of women ready to confront the pain of the past. Travelling across some of the loneliest parts of the United States,Tucker interviews victims, officials and whistle blowers, detailing the heart-breaking wrongs visited by government agencies on the Native American population. Most shockingly, these include mass enforced sterilization of Native women, continuing up to the 1980s. Tucker finds and interviews women sterilized without consent during these years, as well as officials who saw anti-poverty programs put into place and gradually twisted from their original intent. Setting these scandals into the context of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, including the occupation of Alcatraz in 1969-1971, these protests continue today to inspire women to raise their voices, fighting for a better future for themselves and for those children they have.