American Madness

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  |  73 min
Rated U by the BBFC
American Madness Film Poster


Bank president Tom Dickson (Walter Huston) has built up a bond of trust with his clients over 25 years of service. However, as the Great Depression reaches its height, his superiors decide it is time for him to rein in his practice of sanctioning loans on trust rather than capital. Meanwhile, one of his employees (Gavin Gordon) steals $100,000 from the bank's vaults, and inflated rumours about the scale of the crime lead to depositors frantically withdrawing their savings. Can Dickson demonstrate the value of his business methods to his bosses, stop the run on the bank, find the culprit behind the robbery, and save his marriage to his neglected wife (Kay Johnson)? Despite being only third choice to direct, the Frank Capra touch is clearly evident - the film also bears a striking resemblance to his Christmas classic 'It's A Wonderful Life'.