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  |  87 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


Inspired by the 'giallo' films of the 1970s, this French feature observes a girl, Ana (Cassandra Foret, Charlotte Eugee Guibeaud and Marie Bos), during three sensuous periods of her life. The first storyline follows a childhood Ana (Foret) as she lives through a night in the house where her grandfather has recently passed away, and where her grandmother is performing rituals to guarantee his safe passage. In the second story, an adolescent Ana (Guibeaud) takes a shopping trip with her mother and suddenly realises the effect she is having on members of the opposite sex. In the final story, a now adult Ana (Bos) takes an uncomfortable trip back to what was her childhood home, experiencing disturbing situations along the way.

Contains strong gory violence
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