|  Buy to Own: 16/08/2004
  |  84 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Amnesia Film Poster


Paul Keller, a married man and minister of the town of Hollow Lake, has decided to fake his own death to be with the woman he loves. Paul has been been having an affair with his son's teacher, Veronica Dow but he cannot cope with the feelings of guilt any longer. His plan to fake his death means he can have a new beginning with Veronica, and Martha, his wife, will get the insurance money. But as he begins to carry out his plan on his boat on the lake, he has an accident, hits his head and on regaining consciousness has completely lost his memory. He seeks refuge in a hotel - which is the hotel he was carrying out his affair. The manager of this out-of-the-way hotel Charlene Hunt takes advantage of Paul's amnesia and he becomes her captive and her lover. Back in town an investigation is underway reagrding the insurance money. As no body has been found, investigator Tim Bishop thinks it's a set-up by Martha. But as a man who is more than fond of a drink and the company of a woman, he can be easily manipulated.