Among The Believers

  |  Book Tickets: 12/03/2016
  |  84 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


An unsettling and eye opening exploration into the dramatic rise of a radical Islamic school in Pakistan which trains legions of children to devote their lives to jihad, or holy war, from a very young age. The power of Among the Believers comes in part from remarkable access to the network’s leader, charismatic cleric Abdul Aziz Ghazi. An ISIS supporter and Taliban ally devoted to waging jihad against the Pakistani state, Aziz’s dream is to impose a strict version of Shariah law throughout the country, as a model for the world. The filmmakers also focus on the lives of two teenage students who have both attended madrassahs (Islamic seminaries) but whose lives take very different paths. Intimate and shocking, Among the Believers offers rare insights into the ideological battles shaping Pakistan and the Muslim world.