Analyze This Analyze That

  |  Buy to Own: 15/09/2003
  |  191 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Analyze This Analyze That Film Poster


A double bill of comedy. In 'Analyze This' Paul Vitti (Robert De Niro) is one of New York's most powerful mobsters. But the stress of the job is getting to him; he's having panic attacks, losing his concentration, and his colleagues and his mistress are getting more than a little concerned. In desperation, Paul goes to the only psychiatrist he's ever heard of, Ben Sobol (Billy Crystal), who is less than pleased when his comfortable life is invaded by mobsters. Whilst in the sequel, 'Analyze That', De Niro and Crystal team up again. Facing a long spell behind bars, Vitti (De Niro) manages to convince the prison authorities that he should be committed for psychiatric treatment (he sings songs from the musical 'West Side Story' and weeps all the time). They decide he should be released into the custody of his therapist, Sobel (Crystal) - which also means having to live with him! This time, Vitti decides he will go straight, but it's more difficult than it seems when you are used to getting your own way and your old buddies keep showing up (to check that you are not spilling the beans)...