Andromeda: Season 4 - Episodes 13-16

  |  Buy to Own: 06/06/2005
  |  200 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Four episodes from the fourth series of the sci-fi drama, set in the far future where Captain Dylan Hunt (Kevin Sorbo) has awoken to find the galactic Commonwealth is no more. In his ship, the 'Andromeda', Hunt gathers together a disparate crew to reunite the Commonwealth. In 'Fear Burns Down to Ashes' Hunt is captured by the mysterious Collectors. In 'Lost in a Space That Isn't There', Hunt is forced to concede that one of his crew might be a mole, after the Andromeda is unable to slip the bounty hunters tailing them. In 'Abridging the Devil's Divide', the crew are taken prisoner and are forced to work on a time travel device. Finally, in 'Trusting the Gordian Maze', the Triumvirate sends a spy to entrap Hunt into handing over the star map.