Andromeda: Season 4 - Episodes 5-8

  |  Buy to Own: 28/03/2005
  |  200 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Four episodes from the fourth series of the television sci fi adventure programme, created by Gene Rodenberry. Dylan Hunt (Kevin Sorbo), frozen in time for three hundred years, must use the Andromeda spacecraft and a crew of mercenaries to restore the galactic Commonwealth. In 'Soon the Nearing Vortex (1)' Hunt and his crew must race to find the location of the Abyss before their enemies can get to it. In 'The World Turns All Around Her (2)' the crew are thrown into another dimension, and one crew member reveals a hidden secret. In 'Conduit to Destiny' a search for escaped prisoners reveals an ancient prophecy that just might apply to Captain Dylan Hunt himself. Finally, 'Machinery of the Mind' sees a delegate killed at a scientific conference and the threat of the Magog invasion grow even more intense.