Andromeda: Season Five

  |  Buy to Own: 07/08/2006
  |  990 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


The complete fifth season of the popular television sci-fi adventure created by Gene Rodenberry. Dylan Hunt (Kevin Sorbo), frozen in time for 300 years, must use the Andromeda spacecraft and a crew of mercenaries to restore the galactic Commonwealth. In this series, Dylan tries to find a stolen painting so he can claim the reward money, the crew travel to the core of Seefra's sun to try to repair it, and Dylan is sucked into an interdimensional loop where he has to solve a strange riddle in order to return. The episodes are: 'Weight: Part 1', 'Weight: Part 2', 'Phear Phactor Phenom', 'Decay of the Angel', 'The Eschatology of Our Present', 'When Goes Around...', 'Attempting Screed', 'So Burn the Untamed Lands', 'What Will Be Was Not', 'The Test', 'Through a Glass Darkly', 'Pride Before the Fall', 'Moonlight Becomes You', 'Past Is Prolix', 'The Opposite of Attraction', 'Saving Light from a Black Sun', 'Totalled Recall', 'Quantum Tractate Delerium', 'One More Day's Light', 'Chaos and the Stillness of It', 'The Heart of the Journey: Part 1' and 'The Heart of the Journey: Part 2'.