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  |  111 min
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Angkar Film Poster


Director: Neary Adeline Hay. France. 2018 UK Premiere Includes intro and Q&A with director Neary Adeline Hay. Born from a forced marriage in a village of detention during the Khmer Rouge regime, Neary Adeline Hay journey’s back to Cambodia with her father, Khonsaly to meet his former Khmer Rouge persecutors. In the obscure intimacy of the village in which they lived together as prisoners for four years, Khonsaly and the inhabitants of Ta Saeng recount the workings of the cooperative villages and the sites which were the theaters for the deaths of millions of people. In the uncanny silence of the forgotten jungle, Hay rediscovers the revolutionary madness of a regime with excessive ambitions and encounters the ghosts that still haunt the land, its people and their memories. Plus short film: A God’s Shadow