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  |  130 min
Rated PG by the BBFC


The movie is a Romantic Comedy set in 1945 rural India, with a complicated love story at its core. It is shot in various picturesque locations in Punjab and Rajasthan, with special attention to details like costumes, art and the way of life of people in that era. The Art director of Angrej, Rashid Rangrez is a national award winner and the writer Amberdeep singh has won the best writer award for Goreya nu Dafa Karo, this year. While most movies set in historical periods, deal with more intense issues like patriotism, violence, preaching values and sentimental themes, Angrej is a light hearted comedy, with the protagonists finding themselves in a tangled love story and spontaneous comic situations, mainly created by the conservative culture of a bygone era and people's outlook towards love in an orthodox setting. The society, family and cultural settings of Punjab in 1945 are beautifully depicted in the movie and they contribute towards landing the characters in whacky and amusing situations,creating a rib tickling comic viewing experience, perfect for viewers of all ages.