Are You Being Served?: Series 1-5

  |  Buy to Own: 17/07/2006
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Are You Being Served?: Series 1-5 Film Poster


The complete first five series of the camp 1970s British television sitcom, featuring the double-entendres and saucy goings-on at Grace Brothers department store. The men's and ladies' departments being moved to the same floor opens the doors for some classic seventies sauce and double-entendre becomes the order of the day. Would-be upper class feline fancier Mrs. Slocombe's slip shows every time she opens her mouth, primarily to talk about her 'pussy'. Mustachioed floorwalker Captain Peacock is in a perpetual state of extreme distaste at working with lower class proles. Mr Humphries is the obligatory unmanly cartoon queen whose sexuality is never disclosed but often wondered about. The floor staff is rounded out by two everymen - the laddish Mr. James and the voluptuous Miss Brahms played by Wendy Richard, later of Eastenders fame.